About Charlotte Squash & Pickleball Club

The Charlotte Squash Club is based on the heritage of AussieNick Squash and is the brainchild of Rod & Connie Barnes.

We provide a full range of all-year-round squash services at our club in Charlotte, NC.  Since establishing in the US in 2002 AussieNick Squash has concentrated on developing an extensive array of activities and opportunities for players in the region. AussieNick Squash aims to satisfy the needs of its client base by the provision of information, equipment, training assistance and more. We provide access to an extensive junior program for all standards. AussieNick Squash programs are expanding to include input from an array of great full time and guest coaches.

Adult Programs

Charlotte Squash Club provides services including access to leagues, the running of clinics, Explosive Fitness programs, individual and group lessons, and closed tournaments.

Our team of expert staff provide a great combination of fast track learning in a fun and stimulating environment. Physical training clinics, combined with a variety of other elements such as psychological coaching, rules and refereeing courses, diet and injury recovery guidance provide a complete package for adults who want to improve every facet of their game or just get a little more out of their squash experience.

Current clinic info can be found here.

Junior Programs

AussieNick Squash junior programs cater to over 100 participants in the Charlotte area. This includes 5 schools, private and public, who compete in the leagues, training and tournaments. AussieNick Squash juniors have access to leagues, clinics, summer camps, Explosive Fitness programs, individual and group lessons and tournaments.

More info on junior clinics, junior tournaments and summer camps, view the Junior tab.


SquashEmpower, is a not-for-profit affiliate urban youth enrichment program. AussieNick Squash believes that self-esteem and academic achievement can be improved through success and exercise opportunities provided for disadvantaged DC youth. See squashempower.org  for more details on this uplifting program and how you can help the Charlotte Squash Club with local outreach SquashEmpower events.

Equipment & More

We carry an inventory of all your ancillary needs for squash, including:

  • Equipment (Head racquets through Sport and Health, shoes, eye-ware -(including iMASK), stringing)
  • Coaching DVD’s
  • Rules courses and training
  • Psychological coaching
  • Dietary Information

Click here to see the different equipment available in our store.

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