Junior Clinics & School Programs


One of the most dynamic and fastest growing sports – Squash is exploding at the junior level. The Ivy League and other top colleges place a strong emphasis on their squash programs and often give consideration to applicants who play squash. Voted by Forbes magazine as the world’s #1 healthiest sport, squash is a great cardio workout that also provides ideal training for other sports. A lifetime sport, squash is a fun activity the whole family can participate in. A junior squash program, is run by our Coaching staff at Charlotte Squash Club. The program will emphasize squash techniques and strategies, fitness and sportsmanship.

Upcoming Clinic Dates and School Programs:

Please contact CSC’s Head Coach danny@aussienicksquash.com for more details and updated schedules

Skill Level (skill level requirements must be met):

Mini Squash – A basic introduction to squash for 8 and under juniors. They will lean the game with a larger ball, enabling their skills to develop into rallies. A fun, exciting way to play the game.

Beginner  – Intro to squash. Working on footwork, racquet skill and building a rally.

Good Beginner and Intermediate Beginner – A higher level of instruction and drills to complete the squash player’s skills. Introduce strategy in points and games.

Advanced – Continue building skills and strategy incorporating more attacking shots and volleys.

Cost: Cost varies depending on clinic. See clinic event for pricing.

Equipment requiredNon-marking shoes, racquet, goggles (may be purchased from the club)

Play the pro  Thursday nights!

Play a game against Coach

Cost: $10

An example brochure of junior programming is posted below. The current times and days of clinics may have changed, so please check with the coach and current schedule. Please contact Connie conniesquash@aussienicksquash.com cell 929 219 9351 for more information on junior programming.