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Head Pro Semi-Private Lessons




I want to bring these benefits of SemiPrivate lessons to our junior and adult players at CSC. The way it works is that players of similar standard are paired for the lesson. SemiPrivates enable you to share the time and reduce costs. I can help you find a partner if you cannot.

·         Play between 2 equal students is real. Rallies between a coach and student generally aren’t. Pairing students allows me to identify issues and mage with the players

·         Sometimes mental issues arise, like anxiety, giving up or losing  temper – these do not come up in a lesson with a coach and are crucial to monitor and work through

·         Having 3 players on courts allows a lot more drills and practice compared to 2 people

·         And it also gives me a better chance of identify the true cause of a technical or tactical error. Because of this I can get to the route of a problem far quicker.

·         In almost all cases, each student hits the ball more times in 60 minutes of a shared lesson than they do in 45 minutes of an individual lesson. The majority of the hitting is between the two students, not between the student and coach. The extra repetition speeds up the learning process.

·         In summary semi privates allow me to provide expert analysis, cause identification and correction and reduces costs while still receiving personal time with the coach


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